Frogwarts Year 3 Retreat In A Box and Digital Retreat


Welcome to Frogwarts! A magical stitching retreat right in your own home! This listing is for a Frogwarts Year 3 box and an invitation to our four day digital retreat weekend!

This July, let us spoil you with stitchy goodness inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter! You can expect to find an exclusive needleminder, an exclusive set of specialty threads from Colour and Cotton, the year 3 coffee mug, the pattern for band 3 of the Frogwarts Band Sampler, and MORE! (Please be on the lookout for emails pertaining to personalization of particular items that may appear in your box).

This year's boxes come with 10-12 high quality and thoughtfully planned items, including items you can use while stitching, and items you can use to decorate your stitching space, and to pamper yourself! All items will be sourced from small makers and independent artists. No licensed merchandise will appear in this box. This box is valued at over $150 retail.

Those who purchase this box will have the opportunity to purchase the Year 2 band sampler and the years 1 and 2 coffee mugs in order to complete the set if they choose. Links to these items will be provided privately and after all sales have closed for the year 3 retreat.


Dates: July 14-17 (with kick off/ tech troubleshooting event held on the evening of July 13)

Due to international interest in this retreat, Frogwarts retreats will remain a digital experience for this year, and remaining retreat years. Currently, plans are to host this retreat via Facebook as this is an accessible platform for all and most of our attendees have prior knowledge of how to use the platform for our events. However, we will have access to a Zoom chat room in addition to the Facebook Rooms for anyone experiencing problems with Rooms access, or as an alternative to Facebook Rooms for those who do not wish to use Rooms. The digital retreat will include a full schedule of events for the weekend including a repeat of the HARRY POTTER MOVIE MARATHON! We will also be posting a schedule which will include various stitching challenges, games, contests, and prize drawings centered around events of the story.

This is a Special Edition Retreat In A Box available now for single purchase. This box is expected to ship in June. We cannot guarantee delivery to international buyers before the beginning of the retreat who do not purchase shipping via UPS or Worldwide Expedited via USPS, but we will do everything within our power to ship early to allow time for your box to reach you ahead of retreat.

Pre-orders close January 31



What is Frogwarts?

  • Frogwarts is a competitive cross stitching retreat
  • It is entirely digital, and hosted primarily via Facebook
  • Each year hosted is inspired by the events in the corresponding book and movie
  • Each participant will receive a box of cross stitch and lifestyle items themed to the year’s events as well.

What are the “Houses”

  • Frogwarts breaks down the four overall houses from the series (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin) into further “competing” houses.
  • The competing houses are named after locations in and around the Frogwarts Castle.
  • Competing houses contain 8-10 students working together to earn house points by participating in the various activities of the retreat. If your competing house has the most house points, your team will win the House Cup and the prizes associated with it.

What events are there at Frogwarts?

  • Stitching Challenges are the most popular events at the retreat. Throughout the weekend, we will host themed stitching times where you can keep track of the number of stitches completed in an hour, and submit proof of your stitches (photos) for house points. Past themes for the stitching hours have been: Stitch on a piece with Gryffindor House colors. Stitch on a piece with mirrored motifs. Stitch on a piece for Christmas or Winter. Etc. If you choose to not stitch on a piece that fits the theme, you can still compete in the stitching hour, but we will require more stitches for each house point earned.
  • Stash Dives are in home scavenger hunts. We will release a list of items you will want to search for in your space. Each item found earns a house point. There is a time limit to search, and post for your house points.
  • Digital Dives are internet based scavenger hunts. Similar to the stash dives, we will release a list of items you will want to search for across the internet. Screenshot these items and upload to submit for house points. Again, there is a time limit to search.
  • Quidditch is a team version of our Digital Dives. You can choose to volunteer for a Quidditch team, and you will be placed in a private chat to work with other stitchers to find scavenger hunt items across the internet.
  • Facebook Lives can have opportunities to win random draw prizes from our general prize bucket. Items include patterns, floss, stitching notions, fabric, etc. Participants who are present at the time of the Facebook Live are chosen at random to receive a prize.

How do I learn to do all of the things for the retreat?

  • Katie and Laura will host a series of “Guides” within the Facebook group that will walk you through the how to’s and rules of each game and event. These will be posted 2-3 weeks ahead of the beginning of the retreat.
  • This year, a second set of guides will be available, but not required, which will explain how to use the various functions of Facebook that we use during the retreat. These will be available in the group when you join.
  • This year, we will host practice rounds of each game prior to the start of the retreat. These are optional, and are not for any house points. Although prizes may still be awarded!

What are the rules of Frogwarts?

  • Frogwarts is a safe space for all. Be Kind and Tolerant always. Any hate speech or bullying in regards to any topic will result in a permanent ban from the current event, and any and all future Black Needle Society items, boxes, retreats, etc. Topics include: Age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, experience level, etc.
  • Have FUN!

Do I have to participate?

  • No. You choose your level of participation: Whether that is participating in one or two events, not attending the retreat at all, but still purchasing a box, or participating in Every. Single. Challenge. You decide what will bring you the most joy during these four days.
  • Please let us know if you do not plan to participate so we can make sure that those who do participate in the retreat have housemates also working to earn points, and do not feel discouraged and alone in their efforts.

I still have some questions

Send Athena an Email at She won our first Frogwarts retreat as the Overall MVP (the person who earned the most hose points during the weekend) and has a pretty extensive knowledge of the workings of the retreat from both the participant side, and the planning side of the event. Any questions she cannot answer, she will forward onto the Deputy Headmistress, Katie.