Back to the '80s Full Box (Vault)


Game Over Needleminder

made by rebel stitcher

The Gameboy was a latecomer to the ‘80s, debuting in 1989. But it forever changed the gaming industry.

Totally ‘80s Specialty Floss

hand-dyed by colour and cotton

Is there anything more ‘80s than a Hairband? What about the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles catchphrase, “Cowabunga?”

‘80’s Zipper Pull Duo

artwork by abby malaga art

Golden Girls premiered in 1985, and we forever will have this theme song stuck in our heads. Speaking of songs, “Video Killed the Radio Star” was the first song to play on MTV’s debut broadcast in 1981.

High Tops Washi Tape

made by pipsticks

While Converse High Tops have been around since the 1910s, it gained mass popularity in the ‘80s, and was a staple to the decade’s fashion. Use this washi tape in your 2024 planners. Or it’s a fantastic accessory when fully finishing your stitched pieces on a sewing machine (to help you keep a straight line).

Stranger Things Scrunchie

made by fablebands

Eleven may not have actually been hanging out in Hawkins in the ‘80s, but we love her self-chosen romper from her mall trip in season 3. This scrunchie uses the same fabric from the romper’s design. Scrunchies were actually invented in 1986 by Rommy Hunt Revson.


Rubik’s Cube Scissor Fob (style varies)

curated by the black needle society

While this cube was actually invented in 1974, it was not released until 1980. Attach it to your scissors (or a bag if you prefer) and test your skills when you need a brain break.

Tie-Dye Kit and Fabric

made by gift republic

Tie-dye gained popularity as a protest art in the 1960s. However, by the 80s, designers began incorporating the look into their fashion shows. Use this tie-dye kit to design your own fabric! We’ve included a cut of plain white cross stitch fabric for you to experiment with the dye.

Mix Tape Project Bag

artwork by doodle by meg

The song “Don’t You” by Simple Minds was released in 1985, along with one of the most iconic movies of the decade, The Breakfast Club. We’ve included it in our Back to the ‘80s playlist, which you can find on Spotify by scanning the code below.


Memory Error Pattern

designed by silver creek samplers

Diane created this pattern especially for our Society Stitchers. She was inspired by the U2 song “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” which released in 1987. While we children of the ‘80s (and those before) may not remember what we had for breakfast this morning, we’ll always be able to sing along with Bono’s lyrics.