Full Buzzworthy Stitching Box(Vault)


Queen Bee Needleminder designed by the black needle society

We are excited to send our first wooden needleminder in a subscription box this July! We hope you feel like a Queen Bee while stitching with this month’s goodies.

Honey Specialty Floss hand-dyed by bestitchme

Brandy created this gorgeous silk pack for our July subscribers. We can’t wait to see what you do with her yummy threads!

Spiced Honey Fabric hand-dyed by colour and cotton

We love this gorgeous, rich fabric from Angela at Colour and Cotton! We think it would look wonderful with this month’s pattern. But it’s a warm, rich color for a fall themed piece as well.

Bee Pollen & Turmeric Powdered Clay Mask made by très jolie soap

We loved this unique way to use bee pollen! This is a blend of gentle clays and soothing natural ingredients, all perfect for sensitive skin types. Oats, turmeric and bee pollen are said to be anti-inflammatory on the skin and can help with irritation. All you need to do is add water to a tablespoon of the powder, and the mask is activated. Fragrance Free.

Honey Mustard Dip Mix made by cherry orchard foods

We couldn’t create a bee and honey themed box without sending you something to snack on! We hope you enjoy this mix when you next get together with friends for some buzzworthy stitching. Nothing Every Day Ruler designed by the black needle society

Can you ever have too many rulers? We certainly can’t! We keep them tucked in various places at home and the office to measure thread, fabric, finishing material, etc. You can even wind your material around this Winnie the Pooh themed ruler  multiple times if you need a longer measured piece.

Bee Calm and Stitch Tote Bag artwork by anastasia mazeina

Pack up this tote bag when you’re ready to buzz over to your next stitching gathering. Or it’s perfect to bring along to your LNS to pick up the latest buzzworthy releases.

Save The Bees Socks made by woven pear

You’ll be the buzz of the town in your crew socks. And instead of telling someone to “Buzz Off” show them the bottom of your feet, and remind them to “Bee Kind”.

Honeycomb Thread Cards designed by the black needle society

We’ve included 5 wooden thread cards in each set. Let them keep your threads organized for your next stitch!

Bee Friends Pattern designed by tiny modernist cross stitch

We asked Cheryl to create this pattern for our July box with a quote from our favorite honey-obsessed bear, Winnie The Pooh. We loved the sentiment about friendship, and we hope you can find a friend or hive to stitch with while you work on this month’s project. We think it’s absolutely adorable, and will bring a smile to our faces each time we see it.