Full September "Once Upon A Stitch" Box (Vault)


All items included in the description below are inside of this box:

Cinderella’s Carriage Needleminder

Artwork By The Black Needle Society

Don’t lose your needles like Cinderella loses glass slippers. Use this minder to keep them close when the clock strikes midnight and her carriage returns to a pumpkin.

Sleeping Beauty’s
Specialty Floss

Made By Hand Dyed By Rolanda

Rolanda created this enchanting thread pack for our September subscribers. What magic will you make with these colors?

Enchanted Forest Fabric

Hand-Dyed By Forbidden Fiber Co.

There’s something about a forest and fairytales that go hand-in-hand. What magic might you discover while stitching on this Enchanted Forest fabric?

Belle’s Counting Pin Set

Designed By The Black Needle Society

Distracted by singing dishes while trying to count? Use these counting pins inspired by Beauty and the Beast to mark your progress.

Wishing Star Charm

Curated By The Black Needle Society

Hold this star close, and make a wish. Use this charm on a fob, zipper pull, necklace etc.

Once Upon a Time

Ruled Notebook

Designed By The Black Needle Society

Feeling inspired to write your own fairytale? We’ve included this notebook for you to jot down any notes or musings that may strike you while stitching.


Snow White’s
Poison Apple Candle

Hand Poured By Wick Wish Candle Co.

It may smell delicious, but we definitly recommend you don’t take a bite out of this poison apple candle. We’d hate to see you lose all that stitching time while in an enchanted sleep.

Red Riding Hood’s
Journey Blanket

Designed By Ellie Goldwine

Off to grandmother’s house you go? Bring along this blanket to tuck her into bed.
But beware of the big bad wolf lurking in
the forest. We think he may want to steal
it for himself.

The Frog Prince Pattern

Designed By The Primitive Hare

Once upon a time, there was a talented designer who created a Frog Prince pattern for the September BNS subscribers... We can’t wait to kiss... we mean stitch... this month’s pattern!