Schoolhouse Stitch-A-Long (Fundraising for Topping Elementary

This fall, we are headed back to the Schoolhouse that Rocks the most with this special Stitch-a-Long! This stitch-a-long includes 7 parts, and will be emailed out on Saturday mornings at 7a.m. central time. (Your email must be set to receive emails from

To purchase this Stitch-a-Long, we are asking you to purchase an item to donate to Topping Elementary School in Kansas City, MO. This is the school where Laura spends her 9-5 hours during the week. Typically the school has received ample donations prior to the start of the school year, but this year they are having to do without. This wish list was created by the support staff from the building: nurse, library, art, music, PE, Cafeteria, reading, SPED, learning coach, counselor, behavior, and english language learners (Laura's office).

Purchase an item from the wishlist, and forward us your receipt showing the purchase to We will add your email address to our mailing list, and you will receive the next email as the SAL continues on.

Amazon Wishlist:


SAL Release Schedule:

Sept 2: Part 1 Released (2 Week start)

Sept 16: Part 2 Released

Sept 23: Part 3 Released

Sept 30: Part 4 Released

Oct 7: Part 5 Released

Oct 14: Part 6 Released

Oct 21: Part 7 Released

Design is 114 x 156. A supply list will be shared Wednesday, August 30 to Facebook and Instagram, and will be included in the first email on Saturday Sept. 2 to all SAL participants.


About Topping Elementary:

- Title 1 School: Title I is the largest federally funded educational program and is intended to assist low-achieving students meet that state's challenging academic standards.
- 4th most diverse elementary school in MO
- 21 different countries represented
- 17 different languages
- 71% of the school is on the free lunch program