May 2022 Edition Retreat In a Box: Mermaids, Unicorns, and Dragons, Oh My!


Mermaids, and Unicorns, and Dragons, Oh My! Our May box is a collection of items inspired by some of our favorite magical creatures. Stitch away the day with this fantasy themed Retreat in a Box.

Box includes:

Dragon Heart Needleminder
Made By Autumn Lane Stitchery
Aaron drew this adorable baby dragon for you to use with his new pattern included in this box. How adorable is he? Exclusive

Specialty Floss
Hand Dyed By Fiberlicious Yummy Fibers
What do unicorns dream about? We’re not sure, but we’re dreaming of this gorgeous cotton thread dyed exclusively for our May subscribers.

Unicorn Scissors
Curated By The Black Needle Society
Add a little whimsy to your snipping. Cut the ends of your thread with the horn on these unicorn scissors.

Mermaid Bottle Opener
Made By Hampton Nautical
Let those bubbles loose with this mermaid bottle opener. And don’t forget to recycle!

Unicorn Popcorn
Made By Thatcher’s Gourmet Popcorn
Snack like a Unicorn on this fruity flavored popcorn! (Keep your fingers clean and use the snack chopsticks from our January box!)

Mermaid Tail Tumbler
Curated By The Black Needle Society
Stay hydrated while stitching this month’s under the sea themed project! We love this metallic mermaid tail tumbler for keeping cold drinks nearby (but with a lid in case it gets knocked over!).

Vegan Leather Baby Dragon Snap Tray
Handmade By North To South Designs
One of our most popular items released in a monthly box has to be our accessory tray from March 2021. We couldn’t resist sending another one with this adorable baby dragon hand stamped when we came across it.

Unique CornsSticker Sheet
Made By Pipsticks
Let these unicorns brighten your day with their positive words, whether you use them in a planner, or card, or another craft project.

Faux Leather Love You More Project Bag
Designed By Love You More Studio
We love mermaids, unicorns, and dragons! That’s why we made all three part of our official artwork for Love You More Studio (our book sleeve business started back in 2018). We hope you enjoy this project bag printed with the official Love You More Studio pattern, hand drawn by Katie.

Beauty and the Beast Cross Stitch Chart
Designed By Autumn Lane Stitchery
Raise your hand if you want a pet sea dragon like this gorgeous mermaid’s. Aaron from Autumn Lane Stitchery was our first and only choice for creating a stunning magical creature inspired pattern for our May subscribers. We hope you enjoy the stitch, and think of cool sea breezes as summer approaches.