When will my box ship?

When will my box ship?

Hi Society Stitchers!

We've received quite a few messages about shipping times recently, so we wanted to create a post that you can refer to at any time!

  • If you're purchasing a subscription/bi-monthly box, you are purchasing a box roughly 4 months  ahead of the scheduled ship date. 
  • If you're purchasing a special edition box, you are typically purchasing it 6 months ahead of the ship date.

Why so early? We create pre-orders to help us gauge interest in specific themes. We also give ourselves this time to work with artists and crafters hand making items who need a significant amount of lead time to create their masterpieces. We also build in time for long distance shipping, and any errors that may occur during the shipping process. We do all of this within this 4 month time period so that you don't have to know any of it is going on. All you need to know is that you will be receiving a box!

But why do we need an additional 2 months for special edition boxes? Our special edition boxes will always include an event timed to within a few weeks of the boxes shipping. We take this extra time to plan details of the events while also putting together your box. In cases like advent boxes, the sheer number of items going into the box, and the wrapping involved takes additional time as well.

Here is a list of published boxes for 2020 and 2021. We will do our best to update this post:


BiMonthly Boxes

  • January- Date With Your Stitching. Ships January 11
  • March- On The Go Stitching. Ships March 10
  • May- Rainbow Stitches. Ships May 10
  • July- Pirate Life Stitching. Ships July 10
  • September- Cozy Stitching. Ships September 10
  • November- Resolution Stitching. Ships November 10

Special Edition Boxes

  • Lost In Austen- Ships February 10
  • Up All Night Stitching- Ships April 10.
  • Frogwarts- Ships June 18
  • Show Me/ The Black Needle Society- Ships July 15
  • Stars Hollow Box - Ships August 10
  • Trick or Treat- Ships October 12
  • The Nice List- Ships November 11-16

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