News from the Society: January 2022 Newsletter

News from the Society: January 2022 Newsletter

News from the Society: January 2022 Newsletter

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January Newsletter | Issue 13 | January 1, 2021
Happy New Year Society Stitchers!
We spent a lovely evening stitching in the new year with some of our Society members last night. We will be back at it today at 3p.m. central time, and we hope we see you there! Laura and Katie are currently starting 22 new projects for '22 in (roughly) 22 hours. (Yes, they are aware they are crazy).

January is also the anniversary of our first ever subscription box! We will definitely be celebrating (with giveaways!) so be sure to check in on our Facebook group and Instagram pages for chances to win goodies.

The BNS team took time off in December to relax and recoup our sanity. We had such a wonderful holiday season with our friends and family (and even stitching with some of our society members earlier in the month!). Just a reminder that we are still on vacation until January 3. We will begin returning emails after that date, and shipping vault orders and any Nice List replacement items. If you have notified us about a missing or damaged Nice List item, we will be replacing it at that time.

We wanted to thank everyone who shared their thoughts on our Nice List box with us. We hope you enjoyed the box and the goodies if you received it this year! If you missed out on snagging your own Nice List box, items will be released in The Vault today at 10a.m. central time. For those of you wanting to snag a Nice List box for 2022, we will be putting those on sale to the public on May 25, 2022. (See our graphics below with our box release schedule)

Our May subscription box theme is "Mermaids, Unicorns, and Dragons Oh My!" and it will be available on January 10 to all active subscribers. The first round of renewals for this box will take place on January 10. (See the graphics below to determine your renewal date) Please be aware that our subscription service will attempt to charge your account on file only three times. After that your subscription will be cancelled and you will need to go on our waitlist to get another subscription. We recommend verifying that your payment information on record is current before the 10th of the month.

Be sure to add to your address book to prevent spam filters from bouncing back our emails.

A quick FAQ answer for all the new subscribers! First off, welcome to the society! Second, please keep in mind that our boxes are sold on a preorder basis. Each subscription box is sold 3-4 months in advance. So if you are just off the waitlist within the last couple of weeks, you will have a bit of a wait for your first box. Once you receive your first box you will be receiving them every other month. In most cases you will pay for two or even three boxes before receiving your first box, depending on when your renewals happen. However, you do have the option to skip a box if you go into your account settings and manage your subscription (If you do not want to pay for more than one box before receiving one, we recommend this.)

Miss out on a box? Some of our overstock items are currently available in "The Black Needle Vault" on our website: Supply is limited. Once they're gone, they are gone for good.

If you are interested in becoming a Retreat In A Box subscriber, please click the link and fill out the form to join our waitlist. We will contact individuals on a first come first serve basis. Once contacted, you will have 24 hours to reply to our email with your subscription choice, and we will send you a direct link to sign up.
Today at 10a.m., we will be releasing overstock items from The Nice List box. These are just some of the items that will be available in limited quantities. Once we sell out, they are gone forever.
Want to know when you will be charged for your 2022 boxes? Keep this graphic at hand. Amethyst Armadillos will begin their 2022 subscription renewals on January 10. Bronze Beetles will begin their 2022 subscription renewals on February 10.
Want to know what to expect from The Black Needle Society in 2022? Here is a complete list of all boxes we will be shipping out. If a box has (SE) noted at the end, it is a special edition box. Special edition boxes do not require a subscription, and are not associated with the waitlist in any way.
(They are great opportunities to try a Black Needle Society box if you've been waiting to come off the waitlist for our bi-monthly boxes.)
Are you a current month to month subscriber?

We have very important information for you regarding your renewal dates. Your auto-renewal date is based on your initial subscription purchase date. Please reference the column to the right to find your renewal date group. Each group has been assigned a name, and we will reference them as needed in future newsletters. Please also reference the column to note which box your subscription will begin with. Each of our subscription boxes are released 4 months ahead of their scheduled ship date. Lastly, please be aware that our subscription service will only attempt to charge your card on file three times, if all three are declined your subscription will be cancelled and you will need to join our waitlist if you wish to subscribe again. 

*If you have not seen an auto charge yet and believe you should have please contact 

 Amethyst Armadillos 
First Purchase Date:

(1st box, March)
(1st box, May)
Next Auto-Renewal:

January 10

 Bronze Beetles 
First Purchase Date:

(1st box, March)
(1st box, May)
Next Auto-Renewal:
February 10


 January 2022 
1st - Nice List Items will be released in the Vault at 10a.m. central time
1st - Monthly Stitch With Us chat begins at 3p.m. central time in our Facebook group (chat held on Zoom)
3rd - Frogwarts Year 2 attendees receive early access to Frogwarts Year 3 Special Edition box
4th - Active bi-monthly subscribers receive early access to
Frogwarts Year 3 Special Edition box
5th - Frogwarts Year 3 Special Edition box goes on sale (no subscription required)
10th - Amethyst Armadillos Auto Renewal Date
10th-16th - January Subscription "Happy Hour Stitching" Box Shipping

 February 2022 
1st - Overstock items from the January "Happy Hour Stitching" box released in The Vault
10th - Bronze Beetles Auto Renewal Date
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