Subscription Renewal Schedule

Subscription Renewal Schedule

Subscription Renewal Schedule

Hello Society Stitchers! Our customer service rep has been fielding a lot of confused emails about our renewal and skip schedule. We talked and agreed that putting this together as a chart would hopefully make it easier for anyone trying to figure out which boxes they'd like to keep. Please note, you do not need to do anything in your account if you would like to keep all of these boxes.

If a theme doesn't quite seem to your taste, all you have to do is log into your Black Needle Society account, and click "Manage Subscription." (Please note, there has been a 404 error that pops up the first time you click on this. If you hit the back button, and click on it again, it should let you into manage your subscription. We believe this is because our subscription service provider is upgrading their interface, and a few errors have been introduced to the existing code. We apologize for the inconvenience.) From there, you can manage your upcoming renewals. If you started your subscription after January 10, your first box will be the May "Rainbow Stitches" box.

In order to be fair to those waiting for a subscription, we will be limiting access to our special edition boxes to individuals who have purchased a subscription box (or who have a 3 or 6 box subscription that covers the period) within 6 months of the on sale date. This will apply to our Trick or Treat and The Nice List boxes. This means that subscribers who have skipped all three of the March, May, and July will be ineligible for early access to these special edition boxes.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send an email to (An email button is available in our bio).

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